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Our Approach

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The United States, at all levels, provides a myriad of opportunities for the strategically placed corporation or institution. Fabiani & Company prides itself on being strategic, agile, creative, well-informed and engaged. We specialize in developing and executing the strategies that create opportunities for our clients by employing government affairs, marketing and strategy consulting techniques to assist them in accomplishing their funding, marketing, policy, research and development objectives.


Fabiani & Company assembles "Core Teams" of professionals to plan, develop and execute strategy according to our clients' specific needs and goals.

To complement the professional staff’s strengths, Fabiani & Company retains specialized advisors with subject area expertise for assistance with specific client needs and projects.


With every client, we first do our background research with a thorough Strategic Resource Assessment (SRA).  The SRA provides Fabiani & Company with the information and tools necessary to build a successful strategy to address our clients' needs and objectives. 

The SRA will include a series of face-to-face interviews with our client and the other key personnel our client believes are important in giving us the full context of their needs.

This process generally consumes a less than one business day. From the information we learn from the SRA interviews, we develop a focused strategy regarding the opportunities we see for our clients.


We develop a strategy, or a portfolio of strategies and tactics, aimed at identifying opportunities our clients wish to pursue, while also addressing challenges our clients face.


We execute the agreed-upon strategies in partnership with our clients, and with discretion and respect for their intellectual property.

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