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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships

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Fabiani & Company professionals have a wealth of experience in identifying and developing opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships.

Numerous federally-funded laboratories, state and local governments, hospitals, universities and research consortia provide a variety of opportunities for partnerships, which can provide access to government funds and validation. Such partnerships can also prove invaluable for accelerating product development and procurement.

Through its Strategic Resource Assessment (SRA) process, Fabiani & Company helps identify these partners as well as other relevant contacts to build federal partnerships.

Having developed a strategy which matches ambitions of our clients, Fabiani & Company professionals have a proven track-record of executing to ensure that these ambitions are met.

Examples of Public-Private Partnerships work performed by Fabiani & Company:

Power Transmission Client

On behalf of a multi-national power transmission corporation, principals of Fabiani & Company helped secure a contract with New York Power Authority for two crossings of the Hudson River by submarine power cable. The contract amount was $104 million. Fabiani & Company principals also assisted the company in winning a Department of Energy contract for research, development, and manufacturing of a test submarine cable to connect the Hawaiian Islands, for which the company received federal grants of more than $30 million annually for six years. Additionally, Fabiani & Company principals directed an effort to locate a fiber optic R&D facility in South Carolina, which resulted in a direct grant from the Department of Commerce for $2.8 million to pay for the roads, utilities and construction of a facility.

International, Nonprofit Organization

Fabiani & Company sought and continues to expand federal funding for three important initiatives – a health program, an educational program, and an ambitious global expansion initiative. We crafted and strategically maneuvered the passage of an historic, bipartisan piece of legislation, which President Bush signed into law that year, authorizing $15 million in federal funding for the three initiatives together each year, for five years. In addition to helping secure this critical funding, we have been integral in assisting this organization in securing over $36 million of Federal funds over a five-year period.

Childhood Cancer Research

Fabiani & Company has worked to build a grassroots organization with its grants and business partner to help secure over $9.1 million over four years. This funding will establish the first-ever childhood cancer patient database to support consensual research, long-term follow-up care and information services for childhood cancer survivors. Most recently, the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act was passed authorizing $30 million per year until 2012 to support childhood cancer research.

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