Opportunities Created, Problems Solved.


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Opportunities Created, Problems Solved. 

These case studies are brief descriptions of specific project work performed by Fabiani &
Company professionals.   These descriptions do not include the strategies, or the surrounding activities (events, forums, media appearances, mailings, testimony given, etc.) that are a critical part of any strategy or plan intended to produce substantial success for a client. 

In many cases, work on behalf of our clients requires skill and expertise from multiple practice areas.  Our team-based model for client servicing allows us to provide a multidisciplinary
approach tailored to specific client goals.

While the results described here are very valuable to each client, the on-going value, in most of these cases, is the increased credibility and recognition that the client achieves amongst its peer group, sources of capital, foundations and the federal government. 

Please visit the practice area pages to see more examples of success on behalf of our clients. 


Examples of Multidisciplinary Success on behalf of our Clients: 

Medical Device Company

On behalf of an early-stage medical device integrator, Fabiani & Company has established productive contacts with its Congressional delegation and identified and developed substantive relationships with key Federal agencies.  The introduction of this technology, which addresses critical mission needs, has resulted in $14.9 million in Federal funding being identified in Department of Defense Authorization legislation since 2008.

Premiere New England Art Museum

Fabiani & Company was hired to develop and implement strategies to attract Federal resources to assist the institution with the expansion of their facilities and infrastructure.  Working with the local Congressional delegation and Members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Fabiani & Company assisted in securing $6.2 million in the 2006 Transportation Equity Act.  The authorized funds were used to assist in reducing traffic congestion and increasing access to the museum.

International and Life Sciences - UK-Based Pharmaceutical Company

Fabiani & Company professionals assisted in the development of the strategy to allow this UK-based pharmaceutical company to secure a $30 million federal contract to support smallpox vaccine manufacturing.

International Nonprofit Organization

Fabiani & Company leveraged a grassroots lobbying campaign to pass a bill authorizing $36 million over five years for a health program, an educational program, and an ambitious global expansion initiative. 

National Communications Company

Fabiani & Company professionals developed strategy that positioned a national communications company to win a multi-year contract to supply and manage the phone services to the federal government (value of approximately $2.4 billion).

Power Transmission Company

On behalf of a multi-national power transmission corporation, principals of Fabiani & Company helped secure a contract with New York Power Authority for two crossings of the Hudson River by submarine power cable.  The contract amount was $104 million.  Fabiani & Company principals also assisted the company in winning a Department of Energy contract for research, development, and manufacturing of a test submarine cable to connect the Hawaiian Islands, for which the company received federal grants of more than $30 million annually for six years. Additionally, Fabiani & Company principals directed an effort to locate a fiber optic R&D facility in South Carolina, which resulted in a direct grant from the Department of Commerce for $2.8 million to pay for the roads, utilities and construction of a facility.

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