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International Market Access

International Market Access

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The rapid development of the global economy is encouraging an ever-greater number of institutions to expand into new markets.

While this is a source of exciting opportunities, however, it can be difficult without  'local knowledge' of your target markets.

Fabiani & Company utilizes its expertise and global network to help our clients navigate the intricacies of the ‘global marketplace’. By combining their unique selling points with an intimate knowledge of each target market, we are able to develop a strategy which harnesses all available opportunities and ensures a comparative advantage over our clients' competitors.

Typically, we provide the following services for our clients:

  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations
  • Optimizing tax structure
  • Identifying labor sources (where required)
  • Facilitating introductions to influential local politicians
  • Establishing partnerships with local institutions
  • Developing a location-specific marketing strategy


Examples of International Market Access work performed by Fabiani & Company:

Transformative Energy Use Client

On behalf of an international corporation looking to break into the U.S. market with their advanced technologies, Fabiani & Company provided introductions to Congressional leaders and helped develop strategic relationships. Fabiani & Company helped the firm establish their U.S. presence by identifying site locations and securing state support, as well as federal support, for their commercialization goals. Fabiani & Company also guided them through the Department of Energy Loan Guarantee process, as well as applying for advanced research and development funding for their transformative technologies.

Foreign Car Manufacturer

Fabiani & Company professionals enabled this foreign car manufacturer to provide autos to the U.S. Forest Service.

UK-Based Pharmaceutical Company

Fabiani & Company professionals assisted in the development of the strategy to allow this UK-based pharmaceutical company to secure a $30 million federal contract to support smallpox vaccine manufacturing.

Global Leader in Toll Road Construction and Operations

A report detailing a 50-state analysis and strategic approach regarding the economic and political viability for this foreign toll road operator to pursue toll road lease concessions in the U.S. was initiated, researched and drafted by Fabiani & Company professionals.

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