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Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

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Renewable energy has reached a transformational moment, with clean energy a top priority for the current administration. 

As Congress moves toward passing energy legislation and the White House highlights increased investment in renewable energy technologies, companies are looking to the Federal government for favorable policy and as a source of valuable financial support.  Fabiani & Company can help start-up and private capital firms take advantage of the opportunities this critical moment offers.

Fabiani & Company’s team has extensive experience in successfully guiding companies through these various funding scenarios.   We know that the selection of companies that become recipients of such funding depends on a number of factors, including the ability of the company’s technology to serve a national need, the strategic location of research/manufacturing facilities, the selection of academic partners, and the geo-political profile of the organization and its facilities.  Fabiani & Company assists our clients in using these factors to garner support for their projects and business needs.

Success on behalf of Energy & Environment clients:

Emission Reduction and Capture Client

On behalf of a multi-national corporation, Fabiani & Company assisted in the application process for Department of Energy commercialization funds for an innovative method of capturing carbon dioxide and rendering it inert. Fabiani & Company identified further opportunities for research and development funding for the company’s next generation technology, as well as garnered champions within the Office of Fossil energy to support their technology. Recently, Fabiani & Company worked with the House Energy and Commerce Committee to ensure that authorizing language for the nation’s first cap-and-trade auction included their technology.

Transformative Energy Use Client

On behalf of an international corporation looking to break into the U.S. market with their advanced technologies, Fabiani & Company provided introductions to Congressional leaders and helped develop strategic relationships. Fabiani & Company helped the firm establish their U.S. presence by identifying site locations and securing state support, as well as federal support, for their commercialization goals. Fabiani & Company also guided them through the Department of Energy Loan Guarantee process, as well as applying for advanced research and development funding for their transformative technologies.

Combined Heat and Power Client

On behalf of an innovator in clean burning, combined heat and power facilities, Fabiani & Company worked to secure funding provided by the Recovery Act. Fabiani & Company made key introductions at both the state and federal level to expedite relevant permits in several states. Fabiani & Company is also working with a state legislature on repealing language that prevents clean burning biomass facilities in the state.

Advanced Technology Automotive Client

On behalf of a leading advanced technology vehicle company, Fabiani & Company guided the process for securing commercialization funds. Fabiani & Company helped the company navigate the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan application process, as well as assisting in strategic site selection for the project. Fabiani & Company also made the introductions that helped the company secure over $100 million in state assistance for their manufacturing facility.

Advanced Materials Client

On behalf of an early stage energy concern, Fabiani & Company introduced the client and its capabilities to members of their Congressional delegation and devised a strategy to secure directed appropriations and program funds. Fabiani & Company worked with the client to identify U.S. government programs, the missions of which would be advanced through the development and adoption of the client’s technologies. These efforts have raised the profile of the client in diverse Federal agencies and have built a foundation for pursuing competitive program funds.

Power Transmission Client

On behalf of a multi-national power transmission corporation, principals of Fabiani & Company helped secure a contract with New York Power Authority for two crossings of the Hudson River by submarine power cable. The contract amount was $104 million. Fabiani & Company principals also assisted the company in winning a Department of Energy contract for research, development, and manufacturing of a test submarine cable to connect the Hawaiian Islands, for which the company received federal grants of more than $30 million annually for six years. Additionally, Fabiani & Company principals directed an effort to locate a fiber optic R&D facility in South Carolina, which resulted in a direct grant from the Department of Commerce for $2.8 million to pay for the roads, utilities and construction of a facility.

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