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Not-for-Profit Management

Not-for-Profit Management

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Managing a not-for-profit is a challenging task which requires specialist knowledge in a variety of areas, each of which has an impact on the organization's future success

Utilizing its broad base of expertise and global network, Fabiani & Company has experience developing and managing not-for-profit organizations from inception through to their establishment as strategically and financially self-sustaining organizations.

While the process is unique for each organization, the following is a list of tasks that Fabiani & Company typically undertakes on behalf of its clients:

  • Defining the Purpose and Goals of the Organization
  • Creating the Legal and Decision-Making Structure
  • Designing a Website, Logo and Marketing Materials
  • Establishing a Board of Directors
  • Generating Initial Funding for the Organization
  • Developing and Executing a Plan to Achieve the Organization's Advocacy Goals
  • Harnessing our Network to Advance the Goals of the Organization
  • Implementing a Long-Term Fundraising Structure
  • Hiring the Necessary Staff to Ensure the Long-Term Success and Self-Sustainability of the Organization

Examples of Not-for-Profit Management work performed by Fabiani & Company:

U.S.-South Caucasus Republic Non-Profit NGO

Fabiani & Company professionals worked with a businessmen from this South Caucasus Republic to create a non-profit NGO which would develop a lasting partnership between his country and the United States. This included developing ties in the areas of government, business, culture, education and media

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