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Federal Marketing

Federal Marketing

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Over several decades, Fabiani & Company professionals have positioned a broad range of clients to achieve their goals relating to the Federal Government.

While goals vary from organization to organization, the overaching idea remains the same: in order to be appropriately positioned for government funding, partnership or advocacy opportunities, an organization’s products and services must be positioned and presented to decision makers in the context of current events and needs.

This positioning involves the development of a beginning-to-end strategy, the preparation of targeted materials, and participation at strategic meetings and events.

As part of the process, we ensure that all stakeholders are identified and considered when developing our federal marketing strategies.

Examples of Federal Marketing work performed by Fabiani & Company:

Combined Heat and Power Client

On behalf of an innovator in clean burning, combined heat and power facilities, Fabiani & Company worked to secure funding provided by the Recovery Act. Fabiani & Company made key introductions at both the state and federal level to expedite relevant permits in several states. Fabiani & Company is also working with a state legislature on repealing language that prevents clean burning biomass facilities in the state.

Middle Eastern Kingdom

Fabiani & Company professionals represented this Middle Eastern Kingdom for the purpose of gaining U.S. government permission to purchase military aircraft from the United States.

Wireless Communications Corporation

Fabiani & Company professionals assisted a wireless communication company in achieving a federal research and development contract for $1.75 million dollars.

National Communications Company

Fabiani & Company professionals developed strategy that positioned a national communications company to win a multi-year contract to supply and manage the phone services to the federal government (value of approximately $2.4 billion).

U.S. Currency Paper Supplier

Fabiani & Company professionals positioned this sole-source supplier to provide the paper for all U.S. currency as well as receiving a contract from the Bureau of Engraving to redesign the 100, 50 and 20 dollar bills.

Major Courier Company

One of the nation’s major courier companies was assisted by Fabiani & Company professionals in procuring the use of former Air Force bases as hubs for their operations as well as winning other Federal contracts.

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