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Strategic Relationship Development

Strategic Relationship Development

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For most institutions, access to a broad network of relationships is a major catalyst for turning their ideas into successful ventures.

These relationships enable them to build partnerships, expand awareness of their initiatives and develop third party advocates for their cause. Each of which creates a net benefit for the institution that they represent.

Through its Strategic Resource Assessment (SRA), Fabiani & Company develops a blueprint of our client’s existing network, in order to determine where this can be supplemented by our global network. The net effect is to create a broader, more influential circle of decision-makers and thought-leaders who are working to further our client’s interests.

Depending on the needs of each client, we look to develop relationships within the following:

  • U.S. Presidential Administration
  • U.S. Congress
  • U.S. and International Businesses
  • Financial and Investment Groups
  • International Financial Institutions
  • International Political Organizations
  • Media
  • Academia

Examples of Strategic Relationship Development work performed by Fabiani & Company:

Data Security Company

A small venture-backed Bay Area data security company retained us in an effort to gain visibility in Washington on Capitol Hill and to engage federal regulators. The company provided major financial services, healthcare and other large corporations with a turn-key data security solution specifically designed to enable these companies to guard against the danger of “insider threat” and “data leakage.” Over the course of our multi-year representation, we provided access for the client among top lawmakers on Capitol Hill and their staff to demonstrate support for pending data security legislation. Building political awareness and brand name for the company led to several company appearances before key committees at which the client CEO testified as to the nature of data security exposure in the private and public sector. Concomitantly, we introduced the client to the full breadth of federal regulators charged with safeguarding personal and national security sensitive information. Meetings with the regulatory community heightened awareness of the importance of “insider threat” and the effectiveness of our client’s IT solution currently available in the commercial marketplace. The company in turn leveraged its growing profile and validation in Washington into a successful sales and marketing program with established corporate clients, and ultimately was acquired by a leading data security company for close to $350 million.

Asian Republic

Fabiani & Company professionals had a major engagement for a number of years on behalf of an Asian republic where the objectives included getting permission (and visas) for its president to visit the United States. None of its presidents had ever been permitted to visit the United States in several decades.

West African Nation

Fabiani & Company professionals represented the government and specifically the president of this West African nation in its efforts to develop improved relationships with the United States government. This included seeking U.S. dollars in the forms of various aid packages in the form of health, education and physical infrastructure projects.

Major Hydroelectric Project in Central Asia

Fabiani & Company professionals worked on behalf of a major business from this Central Asian Republic to build international support for, and involvement in, a major hydroelectric project in the Republic.

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