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International Affairs

International Affairs

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Foreign governments and institutions often wish to develop strategic relationships with the U.S. government and other international actors that can strengthen their position economically or politically.

Fabiani & Company’s international affairs team has a broad range of experience, having represented foreign governments in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa. 

In this capacity we work closely with our clients to develop  strategically important relationships which will be of benefit both to them and their 'target' institutions. Typically, our focus will be on the following areas:

  • U.S. Congress
  • U.S. Presidential Administration
  • International Political Organizations
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Major International Media
  • World-Renowned Academics

Success on behalf of International Affairs clients:

Middle Eastern Kingdom

Fabiani & Company professionals represented this Middle Eastern Kingdom for the purpose of gaining U.S. government permission to purchase military aircraft from the United States.

Asian Republic

Fabiani & Company professionals had a major engagement for a number of years on behalf of an Asian republic where the objectives included getting permission (and visas) for its president to visit the United States. None of its presidents had ever been permitted to visit the United States in several decades.

West African Nation

Fabiani & Company professionals represented the government and specifically the president of this West African nation in its efforts to develop improved relationships with the United States government. This included seeking U.S. dollars in the forms of various aid packages in the form of health, education and physical infrastructure projects.

South Caucasus Republic

Fabiani & Company professionals worked with a businessmen from this South Caucasus Republic to create a non-profit NGO which would develop a lasting partnership between his country and the United States. This included developing ties in the areas of government, business, culture, education and media .

Central Asian Republic

Fabiani & Company professionals worked on behalf of a major business from this Central Asian Republic to build international support for, and involvement in, a major hydroelectric project in the Republic.

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