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Commercial Marketing

Commercial Marketing

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Fabiani & Company's Commercial Marketing division supports clients in identifying and developing profitable business opportunities.

Knowing that no two industries are the same, Fabiani & Company officials use our Strategic Resources Assessment (SRA) process to harness the expertise of the people who know their industry the best: our clients. In doing so, we are able to develop a wholistic understanding of their industry - including the major actors, challenges and opportunities.  

We utilize the knowledge gained in the SRA process to develop a viable beginning-to-end strategy for expanding our client's business and delivering value to their 'bottom line'. 

Having agreed upon a strategy, Fabiani & Company professionals then work with our clients to execute this strategy by:

  • Developing appropriate marketing materials 
  • Raising the profile of our client's product or service
  • Establishing U.S.-based operations (if required)
  • Arranging meetings with strategically important decision-makers 
  • Participating in meetings with strategically important decision-makers

Examples of Commercial Marketing work performed by Fabiani & Company:

Electroactive Polymers Client

On behalf of a leading authority in the development of electroactive polymers, Fabiani & Company designed and implemented an effective strategy that resulted in the client receiving over $15 million in a four-year period to support research and testing of its technologies and products. This client was also introduced to companies with complimentary technologies, expanding its commercial reach.

Advanced Technology Automotive Client

On behalf of a leading advanced technology vehicle company, Fabiani & Company guided the process for securing commercialization funds. Fabiani & Company helped the company navigate the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan application process, as well as assisting in strategic site selection for the project. Fabiani & Company also made the introductions that helped the company secure over $100 million in state assistance for their manufacturing facility.

Foreign-Language Television Channel

Among Fabiani & Company's unique experiences is the successful introduction of a foreign-language television channel as the first non-commercial network being broadcast to a growing audience in the United States. Fabiani & Company conducted an extensive government and public relations campaign that offered broad support for the client in the United States, offering unprecedented viewership of the network in millions of households across the country.

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