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International Business

International Business

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Fabiani & Company and its principals have experience representing foreign-controlled and multi-national corporations that conduct, or wish to conduct, business in the United States.

The firm’s services include assisting foreign corporations in conducting business inside the United States including import/export, policies and regulations, government market development, private sector corporate partnerships and Federal funding for certain technology developments.

Mr. Fabiani previously served as the Director of the US Congress Committee on Appropriations – the Congressional Committee that funds all operations of the US government, including all trade, diplomatic, foreign aid, intelligence, and defense programs. In addition, the Fabiani & Company team has represented hundreds of foreign, multinational corporations in pursuing their business objectives with the US government and US commercial markets. 

Our firm’s expertise on the corporate side of the US economy is focused on creating and executing “strategic market development plans” for US and foreign corporations. We lead our corporate clients through the strategic process of:

  • Identifying US markets to enter for the first time, or expand their current footprint
  • Linking them with financial investment partners
  • Identifying geo-politically advantageous sites for locating manufacturing facilities and corporate offices, based on local and national incentive packages
  • Positioning them to win goods and services contracts with corporations and government agencies
  • Overseeing and assisting with the regulatory processes and requirements with which our clients and their counsels must comply.

Success on behalf of International Business clients:

Foreign Car Manufacturer

Fabiani & Company professionals enabled this foreign car manufacturer to provide autos to the U.S. Forest Service.

UK-Based Pharmaceutical Company

Fabiani & Company professionals assisted in the development of the strategy to allow this UK-based pharmaceutical company to secure a $30 million federal contract to support smallpox vaccine manufacturing.

Global Leader in Toll Road Construction and Operations

A report detailing a 50-state analysis and strategic approach regarding the economic and political viability for this foreign toll road operator to pursue toll road lease concessions in the U.S. was initiated, researched and drafted by Fabiani & Company professionals.

European State-Owned Energy Company

For this European state-owned energy company, Fabiani & Company professionals assisted in winning a contract with the state of Hawaii to research and develop a series of geothermal test wells from the volcanic activity that could be harnessed to produce energy for the state, and for the U.S. military installations on the islands. Contract exceeded $1 million.

Foreign-Language Television Channel

Among Fabiani & Company's unique experiences is the successful introduction of a foreign-language television channel as the first non-commercial network being broadcast to a growing audience in the United States. Fabiani & Company conducted an extensive government and public relations campaign that offered broad support for the client in the United States, offering unprecedented viewership of the network in millions of households across the country.

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