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Policy & Advocacy

Policy & Advocacy

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Congress provides oversight and direction to the regulatory bodies that oversee almost every industry in the United States.

Having a sophisticated voice on Capitol Hill may protect or enhance one’s business interests in the heat and confusion of national debate. Our team focuses on the identification and advancement of targeted legislative initiatives tailored to meet specific business objectives; providing general representation in Washington, D.C. through participation in trade associations; influencing Capitol Hill on behalf of the client; and monitoring and reporting on policy as it develops so as to inform business decisions.

Fabiani & Company applies a bottom-up (government investigator/partnership building) and top-down (government profile awareness, policy and law-making entities) approach and pursues multiple federal agencies to build broad-based government support for new technology approaches.

Examples of Policy & Advocacy work performed by Fabiani & Company:

North Carolina Antibiotics Company

Fabiani & Company waged a successful lobbying campaign, resulting in passage of a law extending five-year market exclusivity for an off-patent antibiotic candidate of interest to the company.

International Nonprofit Organization

Fabiani & Company leveraged a grassroots lobbying campaign to pass a bill authorizing $36 million over five years for a health program, an educational program, and an ambitious global expansion initiative.

Grassroots Childhood Cancer Research Effort

Fabiani & Company developed a government relations plan to increase the Federal investment in childhood cancer research, resulting in the passage of a bill to authorize $30 million per year for five years to support childhood cancer research.

Mental Health Advocacy Organization

A principal, now, at Fabiani & Company ran a campaign to expand health care coverage for people suffering from mental illness or substance abuse. The team identified a compelling message, built broad grassroots support, and enlisted former First Ladies as spokespersons which generated national media coverage. The result was a law that requires health plans to cover mental health and substance abuse on a par with other health conditions.

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