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Aladdin Omer

Aladdin Omer

Aladdin Omer

Mr. Aladdin Omer is the founder and president of Global Education US Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Dubai, and UAE. He has been the owner and founder of Overseas Travel Services for over a decade.

Mr. Omer also spent over ten years in the airline industry, and he was promoted to the city manager position because of his unrelenting effort  and extraordinary achievement in his career role. He was responsible for the company’s increasing business development and expansion efforts into high growth.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Global education US, he was a senior advisor in the cultural attaché office at the Qatar embassy in the US and he also used to work as an interpreter for the public sector.

Currently, he is an entrepreneur and owner of Train the Trainer training company based in Dubai to bridge the gap between patients and doctors in various parts of the world. Aladdin is an effective business strategist in a diversified culture and work environment. Besides, his passion and compassion for his profession could enable him to be successful in leadership.

His educational background includes a BA degree in business studies in accounting from Sudan university of silence and technology  and he is also certified and professional interpreter in the medical field and also received a certification from Utah department of health.

He resides in the US with his wife and three children.

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